Sensefarm develop products for Agriculture and Smart Cities. The products are not limited to these specific areas, they can be used for a set of applications and use-cases.

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Temperature and humidity sensor

Monitor the temperature and humidity in any of your facilities whether its warehouse or a cultivation tunnel. Avoid frost damaging your plants, buildings, storage and stock with this wireless temperature  and humidity sensor.


Temperature sensor

This sensor is attached to an extended cable which allows it to measure temperature in hard to reach areas, inside a pipe or the middle of a pallet cage. It's also suitable to dig down in a field to measure the soil temperature.



Soil moisture sensor

Monitor your crops with this sensor to know when it's time to water. Dig it down to measure the soil moisture using the industry standard Watermark sensor.

Sensefarm Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway is the center of the network and receives data from all your LoRaWAN sensors. It can reach sensor up to 20 km and connects to internet via Ethernet or WiFi.




Online Service - Sensefarm Hub

All data right in your pocket. You can add alarms that warns you when its to cold or to hot. Add a location and never loose your device. Data is stored in the cloud and is ready for viewing anytime, both current and historical data.

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